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Do you want to become a rescue diver?

The first aid and rescue courses are the most fun of all but also the most demanding. In these you will obtain the knowledge and techniques to be able to face extreme situations while diving, increasing your confidence and security in and out of the water. Ready?

React Right: 1 day 

The first aid course consists of 1 day of theory and the exam. The general objective of the course is to provide the student with the appropriate health techniques and knowledge to act in the event of any urgency or emergency. The diver will be able to efficiently administer first aid to the victim, analyzing the main causes of the accident, neutralizing the risks of the situation and stabilizing the victim.


*If you have already taken this course previously, you can validate it.


Stress & Rescue: 2 days   

The stress and rescue course is made up of a theoretical part and a practical part, which, unlike the react right, is focused on diving accidents.

In this course you will learn and demonstrate sufficient skills to face and prevent extreme situations in the water. You will acquire knowledge to the rescue of divers at risk and how to act correctly in the event of an accident by simulating different scenarios: search of a lost diver, panicked diver, unconscious diver,... borderline cases so that your competencies and confidence improve.

Are you ready for an extreme experience?

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